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Let Your passion Fuel your Goals 

I work with women who have big dreams and big hearts. I help them work through their fear and doubt so that they can live their lives with more purpose, passion and joy. Together, we co create Larger than Life goals so that their own lives become their #lifegoals.


My work is rooted in finding what drives you.  What truly makes you passionate about life. 


I want your passion to fuel your goals instead of your goals being your passion.  Because let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  We’ve landed that dream job or found that dream partner, and been miserable because we realize that it wasn’t what we wanted.  Why?  Because we were so focused on the goal, that we forgot why we wanted it.  I bring my clients back to their why.  Their deep rooted, soul’s purpose, heart-driven why.  Once we find the why, you start living that next level life.  A life where you truly know what you want and desire and you go for it.

At the end of our work together you will have:

-life goals that are aligned with your values and passion

-a clear understanding of what is stopping you from reaching these goals and tools to overcome these barriers

-an achievable plan to make these goals your reality

-More purpose and clarity and a stronger connection to your intuition


about Shirin.

Why Would an opera singer singing at the Metropolitan Opera Change Jobs and become a life coach?

My childhood dream was to become an opera singer.  I come from a family of musicians and I always dreamed of singing at the Met.  In my early 20s, I moved to NY with a vision and a plan.  That plan turned out to be a lot messier than I had first imagined with lots of roadblocks and bump. But nine years later, with tenacity and hard work I found myself signing my first contract with the Metropolitan Opera.


You would imagine that I would be beaming with pride and joy, as I saw my childhood dream come to life.  I mean honestly, how many people can actually say that their childhood dreams became their reality??  However, instead of celebrating, I clearly remember signing that contract with so much anxiety and fear.  I kept thinking, "I didn’t deserve this job.  I wasn’t good enough.  I kept imagining myself at the first rehearsal.  I would be exposed for the imposter that I was. 


No joy.  No sense of accomplishment.  Just sheer terror.  That’s when I realized things had to change.
I needed to reclaim my life.

That’s when I started working with a life coach and things shifted.  I realized how much I focused on the negative and on the lack in my life.  I realized how the voice in the head that helped me get shit done was so incredibly mean.  I realized that I had just been following “The Plan” without ever taking a moment to reassess if it was still what I wanted.  The dreams and goals I had in my 20s were no longer the dreams and goals I wanted in my 30s.


I had to work through the mess.  I had to sit down and figure out what I truly desired in life.  Like, really specifically, what did I want?  What did I want to experience in this life?  What was most important to me?


Through this journey of self discovery, I found a second calling in my life- Life Coaching.  While singing and life coaching may seem like two disparate things, they are one in the same in my opinion.  They are two different vehicles that serve the same purpose:  To Connect, to Transform and to Heal. 



I am passionate about this work, because I am proof of its power.

Shirin is a certified professional life coach accredited by the International Coach Federation.  Her holistic approach to transformation is influenced by meditation, spirituality and the arts.  Her work has been featured in Cosmo and the Today Show.  In addition to working with private clients she does public speaking and leads workshops around New York City on wellness and mindset.  


"Shirin has an old soul and a young heart. She encouraged my own - both heart and soul - to see my present with compassion and grace, and my future with excitement and purpose. Shirin coaches with her whole heart and by doing so has inspired me to live more whole-hearted. I cherish our session time together and the awareness it has brought me is invaluable."


-Eternia, Juno and Polaris Music Prize nominated rapper 

"Shirin is such a force of love and wisdom.  With kindness, grace, and humor she helped me discover things deep within myself that I didn't even know existed.  Her ability to see beyond the noise and into the heart of the matter is truly amazing.  She simultaneously emanates positivity and serenity, making you aware that anything is possible."      

Kristin Luks, Architect, Kristin Luks Design

"Shirin has such an infectiously joyful presence! She helped re-align myself to very big personal and professional goals. She has such a soul-spark that helped ignite some deeper dreams of mine and break through fears that were coming up for me. If you are looking to get in touch with your soul dreams with the support of a safe container and guide- Shirin is your Life Coach Goddess- who can help you every step of the way!"

-Sairupa Krishnamurti, Naturopathic Doctor