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There’s a better way to pursue your dreams, love.  
There’s an easier way.  

There’s a more effective way.

There’s a way to reach your biggest dreams, and actually enjoy the process.

MORE EASE. More productivity.

More joy.

Wholehearted Woman is a 6-month group coaching program designed for dreamers, leaders and entrepreneurs.  It’s specifically designed for women who have big dreams that inspire and scare them all at once.  Over the course of 6 months you will be given tools to not only help you become more productive but also more joyful.  So you can not only do good in the world but FEEL GOOD.   Because the Wholehearted Woman knows that




Whether you are in the middle of pursuing your passion, or still figuring out what that looks like, Wholehearted Woman is the program for you.  We're going to go deep, love. We're going to find your fire and make it burn brighter and bigger. This is where drive and heart meet.  This is where mindfulness and productivity intersect.  This is where we find what makes you come alive and we go after it with joy and conviction.

Your dreams matter, and you already have what it takes to achieve them

Wholehearted Woman is 

I know you've been burned by your dreams before. 

I know you've been down this path many times.


You got excited.  You did the research.  You dove in deep.  And then...
You got overwhelmed. 

You took too much on. 

You got burn out. 

So, you gave up.

Now you limit how big you dream.  You talk yourself out of it.  You find a hundred different reasons to not take the next step.  You've failed once, so you're most likely going to fail again.

Here's the truth:




In other words: You're not the failure, love.  It's your plan of action.  
So let's get to work, okay?  Because we need your work in the world.





Wholehearted Woman

6 months of Serious Hustle and Joyful Heart

As a coach I know that the biggest barrier between ourself and our goals is our self. 

Wholehearted Woman is a 6 month intensive group coaching program that shows you how to get out of your way and pursue your biggest dreams with joy and focused intention.

What you Get

1:1 Coaching with Shirin

Group Coaching Calls

6 month Online Program 

Weekly Accountability 


In Person Retreat in New York City

6 months of Self-Growth

  • June: Become Self-Centered
    Learn how to strengthen your intuition, and develop self-trust and self-compassion
  • July: Soul Goals
    Learn how to create heart-centered goals that are more aligned with who you are becoming 
  • August: Find Your truth
    Learn how to let go of old narratives and stories and embrace a truer version who of you are 
  • SeptembeR: Empowered Thinking
Learn how to deliberately choose thoughts that support and nurture you
  • October: The art of Letting Go
    Learn how to release control and develop trust in your self and your path
  • November: Joy
    Learn how to create, cultivate and be rooted in joy through the ups and downs of life 

I know how easily a dream can go from being your passion to your biggest source of stress and anxiety.    

Before I found coaching, I was a full time opera singer with an incredibly successful career.  I was singing all over the world including some of the most prestigious opera houses like the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall.  I had always thought that once I achieved this level of success I would feel happy and worthy.  But I felt anything but that.  I was miserable, stressed and completely burn out. 

I realized in that moment that no matter how much you may love your passion, if you don’t pursue it with mindful intention it can easily become the thing that you resent most.  


When I pivoted careers and found my second love, coaching, I did not want to go down the same road.   I had learned my lesson.  So, I began my new pursuit with fierce intention.  I wanted to always be in joy, in gratitude and in awe.

Today, not only do I have a thriving coaching career but I am also thriving alongside it.  And that is what I want for you. 

My mission is to ignite your dreams and create a plan of action that

makes you not only productive but also joyful

2 Membership Options

  • Weekend Retreat in NYC, in October included 

$4500 Total



*The monthly payment plan cost includes a $500 deposit, once that has been paid, the monthly payment is $815.


Valid until 04/24

$4100 Total



Wholehearted Woman Mastermind
Wholehearted Woman Mastermind

(Application and interview required)

  • 2 group coaching calls/month (12 total)

  • 6 months of guided online content with weekly accountability assignments

  • Private facebook group with instant access to Shirin

  • 1 monthly 1:1 coaching call with Shirin (6 total)

  • 2 Mastermind calls/month: Hot-seat and Q+A (12 total)

Wholehearted Woman Gold
  • 2 group coaching calls/month (12 total)

  • 6 months of guided online content with weekly accountability assignments

  • Private facebook group with instant access to Shirin

  • One 1:1 session with Shirin (with the option to add more)

  • $500 discount to Weekend Retreat in NYC, in October included 

$1800 Total



*The monthly payment plan cost includes a $500 deposit, once that has been paid, the monthly payment is $265.


Valid until 04/24

$1650 Total



Wholehearted Praise

"Working with Shirin will transform your life. She not only embodies what it means to live a wholehearted, unapologetic, joyful life, but she has the skill, wisdom, and radiant energy to help you do the same. She is a joy to be around and has a gift for sharing the right words and precisely the right time. She does this while creating space for your own healing, growth, and realizations too. If you are ready to breakthrough in your life, work with Shirin.  You will be eternally grateful you did."


N. Ivey

Boston, MA

Entrepreneur & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

"I was hesitant to invest the time and money into this program because I thought it would be like most other coaching programs.  But Shirin is such a gifted coach, and teacher. She helped me create some big changes in my life. I now am more self-aware, confident, and I am already creating things that I have always wanted. "

Sarah Histand

Anchorage, AK

Owner of SMH Training, Coach and Counselor

"Wholehearted Woman was the best investment I have ever made in myself.  You will transform your life with this program, trust me. I'm a totally new person after working with Shirin. My outlook on my life has completely shifted and I feel empowered knowing that I have the tools to create a new beautiful life for myself.  I loved that I had a group of women who were supporting me through this journey, and the one on one support from Shirin. She is truly sent from the universe to shine her light on us. She is thoughtful, passionate and REAL!"

Amara Brown

New York, NY

Owner/Founder of Math Without Limits

Are you ready to become a wholehearted woman?
Any Questions, Love?