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You have the tools.

You know what you want.

But you want more support.

You want more accountability.

You want more community.

You want to keep the momentum going!

If you’re nodding your head “yes”, then Mindset Alchemy is the next leap, love.

Mindset Alchemy goes deeper into the Wholehearted work because honestly, we’ve just scratched the surface.


Mindset Alchemy is a monthly membership program open exclusively  to Wholehearted Woman alumni.  Everyone will have the same foundation, and now we’re going to expand on all the good stuff.

Mindset Alchemy is a  combination of all the things you loved

about Wholehearted Woman and wanted more of

Which means MORE:

  • 1:1 Calls

  • Group Calls

  • Accountability Assignments

  • Meditations

  • Tapping Videos

  • Facebook Community 

  •  BONUS: Monthly Mentors which will include Cyndie Spiegel (founder of Dear Grown Ass Women),  Agnes Kowalski (Money Mindset), Cindy Luquin  (Women's Reproductive and Wellness Advocate)

ALCHEMY(ˈal-kə-mē)  any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

ALCHEMIST(ˈˈal-kə-mist)  Someone who transforms things for the better

Become the alchemist of your mind.  Transform your limiting beliefs into gold. 
Mindset Alchemy will teach you the tools to total mindset mastery.  And you'll get to do it in an environment with like- minded and like-hearted women with Shirin as your guide.  


Here's How:

Each month we'll embody a new, empowering belief.  Beliefs like:

"This can be easy"

"I allow my intuition to be louder than my fear"

"I expect good things to happen"

"I surrender to how it will happen and trust that it will happen"

One belief per month.  That's it.  Because we're going to go deep.  We're going to work through all the resistance together, and literally re-wire your brain.  So that by the end of 30 days you truly believe in and live out this new belief.  These aren't going to be some fake affirmations, love.  These will become your deep-held beliefs.

Each week we'll focus on 1 specific part of the Alchemic Process:

Week 1|

Introduction to the Monthly Mantra

This week you’ll receive a customized tapping video/meditation to be used daily to embody that month’s belief.  You'll find all the tools, worksheets and videos you need on Teachable, accessible to you whenever and wherever.  


This week you’ll be working through the counter thoughts and experiences that are holding you back from embodying the Monthly Mantra.  We’ll also have a live 60-min call with the Monthly Mentor. 

Week 3|


This week you’ll be applying the Monthly Mantra in your day to day.  You’ll be trying it on and seeing how you can make it in work in real-life situations. 

Week 2|

Week 4|

Practice & Proof

This week you’ll continue to practice the Monthly Mantra and now start to find proof of it your daily life.  We’ll also hop on a 60-min Group Call to unpack the lessons and insights from that month.

Want In?

Here's how it works:

Mindset Alchemy is a year-long program with the option to renew every 6 months.

The "Founding Member" price is $95/month (you'll also get one FREE 1:1 call)

You'll want to get in early because after December 9th, the price goes up to $111/month.

1:1 Calls
For extra support and a more personal experience, you'll want to grab one of the SIX spots I have open for 1:1 monthly coaching at $395/month.  45-minutes with me, once a month where you have my undivided attention, knowledge, and support.  This is where we can get deep and create a personalized plan of action.

If you're someone who loved our 1:1s, and felt the power of those calls and how they translated into action each week—follow your intuition, and get one of these six spots.  Apply here.

In order to claim your spot, you need to pay your first monthly payment of $95. 
After Dec 9, the price increases to $111.  So, like, get in now, love!