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Get the totally free on-demand workshop that gets you going after your goals. 


Because it’s time to leave behind all those old stories of what you “should” want — and start tuning into the truth of what you DO want.


The end result? A new set of goals that get you closer to the life you’ve been hungry for.




“Working with Shirin will transform your life.”

Shirin not only embodies what is means to live a wholehearted,
unapologetic, joyful life, but she has the skill, wisdom, and radiant
energy to help you do the same.


Nicole Ivey  | Entrepreneur & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

So, what can you expect?
These 30 minutes teach you how to:
1 | 
Ditch the B.S. of New Year’s Resolutions.


Let go of the idea that new beginnings start on a certain day of the week or calendar year. 


Every breath is an invitation to start again. Every moment is an opportunity to take that simple first step.


You aren’t held hostage by some arbitrary timeline. It all starts now. ❤


2 |
See your past “failed” resolutions as a good thing.


If you haven’t followed through on your past resolutions, it’s not because you weren’t determined, disciplined, or focused enough.


It’s just because those old promises don’t fit who you are. 


Every “failed” resolution is a clue about what you actually want from your life.


3 |
Erase the SHOULDs and HAVE-TOs that are sucking your soul bone-dry.


Let’s recalibrate your inner compass and figure out what it is that you want most.


Not what your mom wants. Not what society wants. Not what some self-help book told you to want.


But what you actually need to feel centered, excited, and most like yourself.


4 |
Choose new goals that you’ll stick with — no matter what life throws your way.


Once you’ve tuned back into your intuition, setting new markers of success gets easy.


We’ll zero in on the things you deeply and unrelentingly care about, and then create new goals to match. 


This means you’ll see them through — even when things get tricky and sticky — and watch your wins happen over and over & over.

“Within 48 hours of working with Shirin, I had full clarity on what I needed to get rid of, what I wanted to keep and what I needed to create to live my best life as my best authentic self.”


Her genuinely curious, thorough and thoughtful questions and exercises helped me identify very quickly what needed to change, what needed to be rescued and what the focus of my life story should be - starting tomorrow!


Leticia Gonzalez Reyes | Executive Director and Co-Founder of 109 World

A little real talk. ⸺
You can have everything you’ve always wanted.
Let’s figure out what your real wants ARE.